Power Quest Bring Forward Retirement

Feb. 17. 2023

Veteran UK power metal band Power Quest have announced that they have brought forward their planned retirement, which was due at the end of 2023, and have retired with immediate effect. Founding member Steve Williams commented below:

“ This definitely wasn’t the way we wanted to bow out that’s for sure, but when we saw the pre-sales figures for the UK tour in April we could see that it wasn’t going to make sense financially. This in turn would have a logistical impact on travelling overseas of course. So, at this stage of the game, it just made sense to stop now rather taking unnecessary risks.

I know there will be some disappointment with the news and it would have been great to get out on the road and see everyone one last time but sometimes things don’t quite work out the way we think or hope they will.

Personally, it’s been an incredible journey since me and Steve Scott, along with Adam Bickers started the band back in 2001. We may not have achieved international fame and stardom but we achieved far more than the 14-year-old me would ever have imagined possible, sitting in that classroom in Chester back in 1985.

Thanks to everyone who has followed and supported the band over the years. That’s what has kept us going for so long in reality. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks also to everyone who has been in the band since its inception and a special thank you to Ash, Rich, Glyn, George and Brad for everything these past few years since the passing of Paul Finnie and during the pandemic years. I hope you all will continue to support what the guys are up to post-PQ with Tigertailz, Dendera and other bands and projects.

It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of this for so long but now it’s time to follow a new path and see where that leads. Look after yourselves and be safe.

Steve Williams 14/02/2023


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